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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kuntry Kitchen - Graham

The Kuntry Kitchen is a 'new' old place that recently moved to a new 'old' place. Yes, that's confusing, but maybe I can sort it out as we go.

Kuntry Kitchen is currently located in the old Hole In The Wall location at 934 Elm Street. The new owner, Mike, moved it down there after the building he was in on 4th Street was sold to The Cracker Town Cafe (review coming soon).

That covers the new 'old' place portion of today's lesson. Now for the 'new' old place portion, let me explain. Mike and his wife, Tina, purchased the Old Town Cafe from Billy and Laura just after they moved from their little nine-table place at 1021 4th Street to the much larger location in the old Layfield's building at the corner of 4th and Virginia.

The building owner, as I understand it, sold the building to The Cracker Town Cafe people, leaving Mike and Tina scrambling to find a place. They moved into the old Hole In The Wall location over the weekend, changed the name to Kuntry Kitchen, and appear to be doing very well.

Having tried the burgers when it was the Old Town Cafe and now as the Kuntry Kitchen, I can tell you the quality hasn't faltered. I enjoyed Laura's cooking and Mike and Tina have continued that tradition of good food at a reasonable price.

I recently dropped by on the motorcycle and ordered up a bacon cheeseburger, fries and iced tea. The burger arrived in a timely manner and was cooked to order. The bacon was crisp burnt, just the way I love it.

The veggies were fresh, although I am not a fan of iceberg lettuce. I find it bland and boring and prefer something a little greener, perhaps some romaine, field greens or spinach. A vegan friend of mine called iceberg, 'crunchy water', since it has almost no nutritional value.

One would be hard pressed to fault any burger joint in Texas for serving iceberg lettuce, it's the staple of burger joints all over. It would be nice, however, to begin a movement to replace that 'crunchy water' with something that is a little better for you, nutritionally. I mean, if you are gonna clog your arteries up with a greasy burger, at least try to offset it with some green veggies.

You know, like Al Gore offsets his enormous electric bills and carbon footprint for his mansion by buying up carbon credits.

Here's how to find the Kuntry Kitchen:

Kuntry Kitchen
934 Elm Street
Graham, TX 76450

Here at Texas Burger Stops, we rate the burger places on the following attributes:
  • Patty Size and Style: slightly thick patty, appears to be hand made
  • Cooking style: grilled on a flattop
  • Char: decent amount of charring to give it that slight crunchiness I enjoy
  • Bun: fresh bun, toasted
  • Vegetables: good veggies, iceberg lettuce
  • Napkins needs: one napkin should suffice
  • Special attributes: on-site, working owners who listen to the customers and want to serve the best food possible. The hamburger steak is another favorite on the menu
  • Ownership: locally owned, non chain

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