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Friday, October 31, 2008

Bullfrog Grill - Lake Worth

I have driven by the Bullfrog BBQ Grill many, many times and have wanted to stop, but never seemed to have the opportunity to do so until tonight.

On my way to my weekend job, masquerading every weekend, and most appropriately on this night, Halloween, as the PC Doctor, I stopped by.

The Bullfrog is housed in what looks like an old Dairy Queen-style place, complete with drive-thru ordering. They have inside 'non smoking' seating. They also have a patio area out front that looks like it is *the* place to be on a rocking night. One would assume it is also known as 'the smoking section'.

The Bullfrog is biker friendly and I have seen dozens of choppers and custom bikes out front on my various trips past it. And, owning a bike and traveling to places like this, I know how rowdy it can get. Tonight wasn't your typical Friday night, I would assume, since it was Halloween and the Texas Motor Speedway, a few miles up the road, was hosting a big race weekend.

When I walked in the overwhelming smell of BBQ almost tempted me to give it a try. If they could bottle that smell, I would buy it. I ordered up a bacon cheeseburger, sort of my gauge for all burger joints. I got it just the way it comes, all the veggies, mustard and mayo.

I opted for the potato salad instead of fries or rings. Doing my research on the address and mapping it, I found a few reviewers that raved about the rings. I probably should have tried them too, but the potato salad looked too tempting.

Taking my glass of tea, I strolled outside and waited on the burger. They had some nice blues playing over the speakers on the patio. A most interesting conversation was also occurring among the clients there, so I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere.

My burger arrived quick enough and I surveyed the package. It was at least a half-pounder, medium thick and the patty looked to be hand formed and very fresh. It didn't appear to be a Bubba-burger or something like that, but I suppose it could have been.

It was cooked perfect, not too done, a little char from the flat top and still juicy.

The veggies were fresh looking, with nice red tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and coarsely-chopped white onions. It is rare to find RED tomatoes, these days, so I was glad I didn't leave them off like I normally do. The cheese, a single slice of American held the bacon in place. The bacon was cooked well, not burnt like I prefer it, but not squealing when I chomped into it, either.

I worked on the potato salad first. It was my favorite kind, the same kind you find at most BBQ joints, soft and mustardy. I know that's not a word, but it describes it best. You know the kind, boil and mash up some potatoes, toss in some onion and pickle drown it all in mustard with a little mayo to smooth it out and it's done.

I probably should have ate the potato salad in moderation instead of devouring it first because it wasn't able to finish the burger. I normally opt for the smaller quarter-pound burgers, but I didn't see that as an option. Sure enough, about half-way through the burger, I was stuffed. Like a Thankgiving turkey stuffed. It was a shame too, because I really enjoyed the burger. But, since I was driving and wouldn't be near a fridge for a few hours, I didn't put it in a to-go box, but instead, pushed the basket away, finished my tea and got a refill for the road.

Walking back inside for the tea refill, the 'cue sure smelled good, though. I have to stop back by and try it next time.

The Bullfrog BBQ Grill is located at 6700 Azle Ave in Lake Worth, TX just north of Highway 199.

As for the Texas Burger Stop's rating, here goes:
  • Patty Size and Style: appears to be hand formed, medium thick and cooked perfectly
  • Cooking style: grilled on a flat top
  • Char: good char across the patty
  • Bun: cooked on the grill (not toasty), fresh tasting, I am guessing a Mrs Baird's bun
  • Vegetables: the veggies were fresh. I prefer sliced onions, but the coarsely-chopped ones were a suitable replacement
  • Napkins needs: I only needed one. It was juicy, but not 'messy'
  • Special attributes: can't wait to try the BBQ, appears to be their specialty
  • Ownership: looks to be a single location, local owner
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Francis Shivone said...

Can't wait to try it.

I did a search for Coppell Grill on your site and did not find it. Been there? I used to work in Grapevine and I made regular visits. It was definitely in my top five DFW burgers.

I assume it is still there but am not certain.

Cowboy fan, burger junkie, GodFather of Tech said...

I haven't gotten to the Coppell Grill, but it is on my list.