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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Circle K Drive-In - Olney, TX

I had a recent opportunity to stop in Olney, TX for a quick dinner before visiting my brother, who was in the Olney Hamilton Hospital for the night.

As I drove through town, the usual fast food and chain places caught my eye, but I was hoping to find something with a little local flavor. I drove past the Circle K Drive-In and decided that was the place to try, so I turned the motorcycle around and pulled up near the door.

Circle K Drive-In (Olney, TX)
When I walked in the door, I felt like I stepped back in time about 30 years. The little cafe was rather small and looks to have been around for a long time. It had 10 tables around the small dining area with a total seating capacity of about 30 people. There were painted saw blades hanging on the wall around the restaurant, just the kind of thing I would expect from a place like this.

The two whiteboards on the wall indicated what appeared to be specials that might not be on the everyday menu. They listed everything from egg salad sandwiches to chocolate pie, including steak fingers baskets and BBQ sandwiches. Being a burger junkie, I knew I had to order one up.
Since it was really hot outside, I didn't have a large appetite, so I ordered up a small cheeseburger and some onion rings with a glass of iced tea. The tea really hit the spot after being out in the 107°F weather on the motorcycle.

My food arrived in a timely manner. The burger looked like the standard quarter-pounder, with a thin patty and the small-style hamburger bun. The onion rings didn't appear to be made in house, but they were cooked correctly and tasted great.
As I ate my dinner, I could hear and see the locals discussing events of their day. I could imagine the stories these walls have heard over the years.

The waitress offered up a refill on my tea and I finished up my meal. Closing time was rapidly approaching and the place was beginning to empty rather quickly. I tipped the waitress and left. As I was leaving the cook came out of the kitchen with a great-looking taco salad and sat down with one of the locals for a well-deserved meal and break from the heat of the kitchen.
Next time, I gotta give that taco salad a try.

As for the Texas Burger Stop's rating, here goes:
  • Patty Size and Style: thin, appeared to be preformed patty
  • Cooking style: grilled on a flat top
  • Char: good char across the patty
  • Bun: fresh tasting, probably Mrs. Baird's small hamburger bun
  • Vegetables: good veggies
  • Napkins needs: Needed a few, nice and juicy
  • Special attributes: homemade desserts
  • Ownership: appears to be locally owned

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